01. the client

Tutta Italia is a food truck serving Italian food, created in 2016.

The food truck travels around the same 4 neighbourhoods in The Hague, Netherlands to deliver an authentic & high quality Italian experience to his customers.

Tutta Italia uses high quality ingredients, shipped directly from Italy. Combined with a relaxed atmosphere, Tutta Italia brings the real Italy at their customers’ doorstep.

02. the problem

After interviewing 3 actual Tutta Italia customers, we have observed that the current way of ordering is not meeting users’ goals to order easily & fast and locate the food truck as the process is not automated (a lot of manual work involved from advertising to typing the order). This is causing users to feel frustrated due to the confusion on where to pick up the order and disappointed about the the ordering process and the rest of the otherwise high-end experience.


Customer receives a digital flyer (without pictures) on the neighborhood’s WhatsApp group.


Customer sends a message on WhatsApp or calls to place their order with the desired pick-up time.


Customer pays in cash at the truck.

  • The flyer needs to be sent by the “neighborhood” ambassador on WhatsApp.
  • Customer is not up-to-date if any changes are made on the menu.
  • Customer needs to write manually their order.
  • Tutta Italia cannot block time slots when they get too busy with orders.
  • Tutta Italia cannot keep track of all the orders coming in.
  • No secure way to pay online.

03. the process

Having already come up with a rough idea of what the app would include using the Crazy 8 and the MOSCOW methods, we started sketching a lo-fi prototype. The prototype showed the flow of a user opening the app from a push notification, ordering a pizza, choosing a pick-up day, pick-up time, and paying. After several testing sessions with users thinking out loud while they were navigating our flow, we modified our mid-fi 3 times. We felt confident in our flow and started building our design system and the first version of our high-fi.

Screens showing the changes between mid-fi and high-fi

04. the result

We felt confident to show the high-fi to our client and explained the choices we made based on user testing. He was initially enthusiastic about the process and how we solved the problem. He then gave us suggestions on the design. We agreed that the first version of the high-fi did not reflect his branding enough but with 35 hours left on our deadline, we had to prioritise his feedback.
Starting off from our current design system, we re-used several components and tweaked them to empathise his branding a little more, while maintaining the elegant feeling of Tutta Italia and our vision as designers.  Below is the result of our rework which met our client's expectations: